Putting the Enjoyment Back Into Plant Care

Oh So Garden is a plant blog with a difference – less perfectionism, strict rules and fluff, more enjoyment, realistic expectations and science.

It’s not just a blog for plant lovers.

It’s a community of people who are fascinated by the greenery around them and want to discover what truly makes their plant happy.

a photo of houseplants in a living room

We strive to change the way you think about caring for plants. We don’t just want to show you pictures of pretty blooms and rare, coveted finds but instead invite you into their lives, and show you their natural way of thriving.

That means turning inevitable care problems into opportunities for growth, not talking points of failure.

That means diving deep into a plant’s history and natural habitat to truly understand why a plant craves what it does for nourishment.

That means finding a new found appreciation for trial and error, rather than following a strict set of non-negotiable rules for every single species of plant you own.

Science has taught us that perfection is a precursor to stress, but growing plants shouldn’t be stressful. There’s nothing more peaceful than caring for and enjoying the fruits of nature.

Listen to mother nature and she will tell all.

At Oh So Garden, we’re planting a new way of thinking about gardening and how to care for your plants – caring for them as if they were beloved members of your family. Yes, really. But that doesn’t mean constant panic and worry. Quite the opposite.

Instead it’s about recognizing that no two plants are alike.

It’s about making informed decisions for your plant through the power of observation, not guesswork.

It’s about arming you with knowledge to help your plants last a lifetime, not just a few growth cycles.

It’s about appreciating plants for what they are and not striving for unattainable perfection (I’m looking at you, variegated reverters!). We’re here to help you do all that and more.

Less stress, more enjoyment. Because who needs more stress in their life?

The Voice Behind the Words – Meet Charlotte

photo of the founder, charlotte, oh so garden

Hi! I’m Charlotte, the voice you’ve been reading the entire time. I’m the founder of Oh So Garden.

Armed with a background in plant science, botany and conservation, I decided to dig deep into the fascinating world of plant care and tackle an age old problem: anxious plant parenting.

The stage when you’ve got a new plant but don’t know what to do with it and are too scared to trust the bombardment of misinformation on the internet.

Too many people are caught between the desire and wish to care for plants, but not truly knowing how to care for them.

Many guides describe plants as either easy, care free, set and forgets or as finicky little divas who hate everything including you, the owner.

But, the truth is any plant is easy to look after if you mimic its natural habitat. It just takes a little patience and understanding.